about us

what is the goal?

in a world of short-lived trends, we are focused on things that last through the ages.

values and struggles that are timeless. themes of human life.

our desire is to create designs that continue to matter through the ages.

we try to avoid trends with every design decision, to extend the shelf-life of each item.

we give 50% of our profits to the non-profit Abide, to positively impact our community for ages to come.

how does it work?

every item is either limited-time or limited-quantity, to ensure that your purchase stays unique.

every item is also part of a series. so if you miss one, you can subscribe via email to get notified when the next item in that series is available.

we believe uniqueness increases the shelf-life of an item, but we also don't want you to miss out on a series that resonates with you.